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Author Topic: File Investigator Tools 3.23  (Read 12 times)

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File Investigator Tools 3.23
« on: November 06, 2018, 05:19:10 PM »

File Investigator Tools 3.23 | File size: 4.4 MB

File Investigator Tools - reliable, fast, and accurate computer forensic tools. We've merged our File Investigator technology with Windows File Find and the DOS Directory command, to search for files by their File Type, Contents, Operating System/Platform, Data Storage Method, File Attributes, plus more. Forget using file extensions, now you can search for files intelligently and browse through their metadata.

File Investigator TOOLS (FI TOOLS) includes both FI File Find and FI Directory applications, which identify more file types with higher accuracy than any other product available. Imagine searching for files by categories rather than having to specify file extensions or a few file types. You can do that now, from Windows and from the command line. Visit the FI File Find page to see how easy it is to search by categories like Graphic Images, Personal/User Data, Spreadsheets, Digital Audio and Palm OS related files. Or, visit the FI Directory page to see how you can perform the same operations directly from the command line or batch files.

All of these features may also be added to your own product(s), with the File Investigator OEM API Kit.

File Types are now identifiable, supporting ? different File Type
Added 11 new File Types, since v3.21.00
Updated ? existing File Types
The new and updated File Types can be viewed at
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Added the ability to display, and filter with, base/parent file format types
An example is #2208 "MS Word 2007-2010 Document (Open XML)" uses the base
file type #2207 "MS Office Data (Open XML) (General)". This feature has been
available to API licensees for a few years, but is now being made available to
FI TOOLS owners.

FI Directory for Windows Examples:

>fiwdir.exe /LO Displays a list of columns available.
>fiwdir.exe *.* /V113=6 Includes the Parent Index column when displaying files.
>fiwdir.exe *.* /FB2207 Filters out all file types that don't have Type #2207
as their base/parent type.

FI File Find for Windows Instructions:

Steps to activate column 113 to display the Parent Index for each file:
1) Start FIFind.exe
2) Select Tools >> Options... from the menu
3) On the File Find tab, scroll to the bottom of the list of columns
4) Select Parent Index on that list
5) Click on the Show button, to the right
6) Click on the OK button below
7) The next time that you clear the list of files, and Click on the Find Now
button, the new column will appear on the far right of the list of files.

Steps to filter by parent file type:
1) Start FIFind.exe
2) Select the Content tab
3) Select the file type, that you want to filter by, in the "Of type" drop down list
4) Click on the "Use Parent Type" box below, to place a check in it
5) The next time that you Click on the Find Now button, the new filter will be used

Added support for Last Modified By, Last Author & Last Printed Date metadata
extracted from Adobe Portable Documents (PDFs).
Fixed inability to read metadata from some rare variations in Adobe Portable
Documents (PDFs), due to Unicode fields and variations in how some products
create files.
Fixed rare buffer over-run crash condition that could occur when reading
properties metadata data from Zip/XML based file formats including:
Open XML, OpenDocument, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Open Paper Specification Document

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